Accident Insurance

Optional insurance through MetLife can help supplement your other coverage, for added financial protection.

Your medical, disability and life insurance benefits from Tenneco provide a foundation of financial protection. You may wish to purchase additional insurance through MetLife depending on your personal needs.

Accident Insurance is an optional benefit. If you or a covered dependent is injured and needs treatment, this plan can help pay costs not covered by your medical plan.

  Low Plan Pays: High Plan Pays:
Fractures $50-$3,000 $100-$8,000
Ambulance $200-$750 $300-$1,000
Emergency Care $25-$150 $75-$250
Physician Follow-Up $60 $120
Hospital Admission (per accident) Non-ICU or ICU: $1,000 Non-ICU or ICU: $2,000

Making changes to your coverage

You can stop or lower your coverage level for your Accident Insurance anytime. You can start or increase your coverage only during your initial 30 days of employment, at Annual Enrollment, or if you have a Qualifying Life Event.

For more information on what Accident Insurance has to offer, refer to the Plan Summary.