Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Life has its moments, and sometimes we could all use extra support with everyday things.

Tenneco’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers a holistic approach to health and wellbeing and is available online or by phone 24/7. The program provides actionable solutions, tailored follow-up interventions, the ability to schedule video or telephonic sessions and a broader network of counselors through our partnership with Talkspace.

Talkspace is a confidential digital platform for mental health services that gives you the flexibility to connect with a licensed therapist via a secure HIPAA-compliant app. With Talkspace you can:

  • Connect with a counselor via text, voice or video
  • Complete self-guided exercises like journaling and meditation

Talkspace is available in 32 different languages and can be used by you and members of your household ages 13 and older. Download the app or visit the website to register. Be sure to enter Tenneco as the organization name.

EAP Services What’s Included
Counseling Up to 6 face-to-face, phone or video sessions for concerns such as stress management, relationships, work/life balance, divorce, grief and loss support. 
Legal Referral services for divorce, landlord and tenant issues, real estate transactions, wills and powers of attorney, civil suits and contracts, and identity theft recovery. Includes a one-time free consultation and discounts for services if retained.
Financial Referrals for services such as saving for college, debt consolidation, mortgage issues, estate planning, general tax questions, retirement planning and family budgeting. Includes a one-time free consultation and discounts for services if retained.
Work/Life Referrals for services such as adult care, child care, special needs care, summer camps and holiday care; education services; growing family services; and convenience services.

Tobacco Cessation Program through the EAP

If you or your spouse/domestic partner use(s) tobacco products, you will each pay an additional $600 per year ($50 per month) if you enroll in Tenneco’s medical coverage.

To avoid the surcharge, complete the tobacco cessation program available at no cost through the EAP. The program is designed to provide telephonic support and coaching sessions. Once you enroll, you are paired with a coach to set your goals and establish your quit plan. To enroll, call 800-315-4649.

If you or your spouse/domestic partner are paying the tobacco surcharge, successful completion of six coaching sessions will eliminate the surcharge, and any surcharge already paid during the plan year will be refunded. As with all EAP services, this program is confidential unless you grant permission to share your completion results, as in the case of securing removal of the medical plan tobacco surcharge.

Privacy is a priority

The EAP upholds strict confidentiality standards. Personal information is kept confidential in accordance with federal and state laws.

Get help at no cost

The EAP is available to all team members and members of their households free of charge – Tenneco pays this cost. Services are available even if not enrolled in a Tenneco medical plan.