Long-Term Care Plus Life Insurance Plan from Trustmark

Tenneco has partnered with Trustmark to offer two benefits in one policy: permanent life insurance protection and Long-Term Care (LTC) protection. Benefits are payable as long as your coverage is active.

LTC services are not covered by your health insurance, disability insurance, or Medicare. The average cost of home care can accumulate to around $43,000 per year or more. Trustmark’s LTC benefits helps protect your retirement savings, ease the burden of caregiving by your loved ones and allow you to choose the setting where you receive care.

Plan options include:

  • Choose a life insurance benefit up to $150,000
  • You can access 4% of the selected life benefit per month if you need covered LTC services
  • The LTC benefit keeps paying up to 2x the life insurance benefit if you continue to need care
  • A death benefit is payable to a beneficiary even if you access your LTC benefits

For more information, visit Trustmark or call 855-219-6564.