Prescription Drug Benefits


There’s one big difference between the medical plans: With the HSA Medical Plan, prescription drug benefits are subject to your medical plan deductible (other than certain preventive medications). With the PPO Medical Plan, prescription drug benefits are NOT subject to the medical plan deductible.

Plan Feature In-Network Retail Pharmacy
(30-day supply)
Mail Order
(90-day supply)
Generic Drugs You pay 20% ($10 min/$25 max) You pay 20% ($20 min/$50 max)
Preferred Brand Name You pay 30% ($35 min/$75 max) You pay 30% ($70 min/$150 max)
Non-Formulary Brand Name and Specialty Drugs You pay 40% ($55 min/$120 max) You pay 40% ($110 min/$240 max)
Specialty Drugs (only available as a 30-day prescription)

You pay

20% generic ($10 min/$25 max)

30% preferred brand ($35 min/$75 max)

40% non-preferred brand ($55 min/$120 max)

Save with generics

You can save money on prescriptions by using generic prescription medicines instead of name brands, in-network pharmacies and medicines on CVS Caremark’s preferred drug list or formulary. In addition, certain preventive medications are covered at 100% (no deductible). Go to caremark.com to price your medication or view CVS Caremark’s preventive drug list and formulary.

Maintenance Medications

If you take a maintenance medication‚ a prescription you take regularly for a chronic condition‚ you can get two 30-day fills at a retail pharmacy before you must switch to a 90-day supply through CVS Pharmacy retail or mail-order service. Otherwise, you’ll pay the full cost of the fill.

It’s easy to switch: simply ask your doctor to update your prescription to a 90-day supply, then get it filled at your local CVS Pharmacy location or through their convenient mail-order service. Plus, fewer trips to the pharmacy means you save time and hassle, too. If you need additional help, contact CVS Customer Service.


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