Annual Enrollment for 2023 Benefits is October 26 – November 15, 2022


Dental Benefits

Because good dental health is important to your overall well-being, Tenneco offers affordable dental coverage for you and your family.

Administered by Delta Dental, Tenneco’s dental plan covers a wide range of services. No ID card is required.

Plan Feature1

Plan Benefit2

Annual Deductible

Individual: $50
Family: $150

Annual Maximum Benefit

$1,500 per person

Preventive Care — such as routine exams and cleanings

100% twice a year (up to 4 cleanings per year if you have eligible health / periodontal conditions)

Basic Services — such as fillings, oral surgery and endodontics

80% after you meet the deductible

Major Restorative Services — such as implants, crowns or dentures

50% after you meet the deductible

Orthodontia — $1,500 lifetime maximum

50% after you meet the deductible

1. Additional restrictions regarding number of treatments, plan allowable limits, etc. may apply.

2. You may pay more when you use an out-of-network provider that charges more than the Plan’s allowable limit.


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